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David Martinez
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David Martinez is the protagonist of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. David Martinez is a Hispanic teenager with light brown eyes and brown hair that he wears in a quaffed hairstyle, with the sides shaved. He has a thin athletic build typical of a teenager his age. David's typical style is Kitsch, sporting a black t-shirt, two golden chain necklaces (one with a cross), gray cropped sweatpants with two yellow straps on either side, and white tennis shoes with blue straps. Later on, he starts to wear his mother's yellow EMT jacket with a blue luminescent collar on the inside of the material, with a green logo painted on the back. David gradually adds more implants to his body, becoming taller and more muscular. While keeping his overall outfit intact, he no longer wears a black shirt, preferring to remain bare-chested when not covered by the EMT jacket.

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