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Delta (Δέλτα), formerly known as Sara, is the fourth member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original "Seven Shadows". As a Beastkin Wolf, she serves as the organization's main combat force but lacks any other noteworthy talents. Delta is a beautiful teenage girl with long black hair and with large wolf ears on top of her head. She sports purple eyes with vertical slit pupils when excited and rounded when happy. Her figure is a slender athletic build with an ample bosom, showcasing her abdominal region. As a Therianthrope, Delta possesses the species' natural traits of large ears and a thick tail. In her daily life, she wears a dark suit with long-sleeved clothes around her neck and opens in her stomach, a pair of gloves, shorts combined with stockings, and a pair of shoes. Often times, Delta will wear a variation of this trend with different materials but always wears something to accentuate her athleticism and form. But some exceptions occur, such as in winter helping Cid dig for Gettan's buried treausre. When serving in the Shadow Garden, she wears the customary slime bodysuit with black and gold decorations, but with the individualized accessories of fur adornments at the collar, wrists, and ankles. Delta's top has the basic dark attire with twin vertical gold lines running up the central third of her torso before joining two violet gems accents. The gems fall in line where another gold lining traverses her upper pectoral outline above her bust, with gold shoulder pads connected to the gems. Her shoulders have a slight bagginess before connecting to two gold rings where her deltoids meet her arms in regular black sleeve, connecting to standard cestus around both of her forearms and black gloves. Her top is wrapped around the diaphragm by a slight belt where the seam splits underneath to reveal her abdomen. Her lower half is dressed in leggings with lighter black which has straps from both edges of her lower abdomen wrapping around her hips to the back, resembling short shorts. Her upper thighs have a gold ring each where the leggings get darker going further down the limbs, with a gold diamond shape a few centimeters down the center fold on both legs from the gold rings. Down the legs past the fur accents on her ankles, Delta has a pair of gold chevrons pointing up her feet. Delta's tail has a thick gold ring with an inlaid division around the center at the base of her tail, and a matching ring towards the end of her tail, with an ornament of two bells and a tassel ribbon at the end. In the game and light novel, Delta wears a gold laced gem on both hips of her trouser line. In the light novel, there are more detailed grooves on her leggings as well as a trio of belt wraps on both arms around the biceps/triceps. In the manga, she sometimes she wears a mask to protect her original identity. By the common personality of any Therianthrope, Delta is often described as a musclehead and depicted as excitable and immature, akin to a child. She also refers to herself in the third person. Delta deeply loves her master, even going as far as to hug him on every occasion they meet. She also doesn't mind the idea of mating with him and sharing him with her fellow Shadow Garden members. She and Gamma have had a rivalry over brains versus brawn ever since they were children, but they nonetheless care for one another. As a member of Shadow Garden, Delta loves fighting. She is shown to be merciless and sadistic towards enemies, leaving none of them alive. This makes her dangerous, as she will go overboard in brutality and even unnerve her master and her comrades. This is a trait of Beastkin, who will follow the strongest life form, regarding them as their leader when Delta acknowledges only strength, and she swears loyalty to Shadow in awe of his overwhelming power. Hence, she had no qualms about killing her brother, Leaf Four whom she regarded as weak. However, it's implied Delta does not believe in all of the Beastkin customs, as she deeply hates her pack for exiling her. Delta was once a sweet girl looking after her sick mother. Unfortunately, she suffered nothing but abuse from her father and siblings and after her mother died, her personality radically becomes changed into a bloodthirsty wild beast. Delta seems to have little sense of shame, and when the slime body suit melted due to the magical power being sealed in the battle in Sanctuary, she barely hid her private parts in a bikini armor-like state and continued the battle. Even after the Lindwurm event, she did not fix her slime bodysuit and was left in a bikini armor-like state. Delta also has a very keen sense of smell, being able to pick up the smell of other beastkin extremely easily and is often used as a tracker whenever the situation calls for it. Though often bickers with her fellow Shadows, she never raises a hand towards them in violence since she views them as her new family, however she will occasionally frustratingly try to bite them to show her frustration. She also regards Zeta as a cat and has a fierce rivalry with her, stemming from Zeta's constant stealing of her food and taunting. Delta sees the named numbers and numbers as little sisters, often playing and rough housing with them whenever she is off duty, she has a habit of behaving like a dog around those she deeply cares about, being affectionate and extremely attention seeking. She's very bloodthirsty, along with her nature as a Beastkin, making her prone to react impulsively, almost often resorting in killing as the solution to any problem they have, or merely due to being bored. She attacked Nelson with the intention of killing him, despite having been told previously by her fellow Shadows to hold back until they could take all the information from him. Delta compares killing others with hunting, since before joining Shadow Garden she used to go hunting with her pack. She deeply loves "hunting" and even more alongside her master.

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