Demiurge Husbando

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Yggdrasil, The Great Tomb of Nazarick
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181.00 cm
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Demiurge is the Floor Guardian of the 7th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and the Commander of the NPC defenses. He is the creation of Ulbert Alain Odle. In the New World, under the guise known as Jaldabaoth, a powerful Demon Emperor, he led his demon army to and started a battle in the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom and also led the demi-human coalition in an assault on the Roble Holy Kingdom. About 1.8 meters tall, Demiurge is described to be a demon with dark skin and nicely combed black hair. Behind the round glasses are eyes so squinted that they are not normally visible. Wearing a British suit with a tie, he is dressed like a gentleman. Behind his back is a silver tail, covered with metal plates and six long spikes at the end. In his humanoid form, Demiurge's pair of eyes lack eyeballs, in fact, shining jewels with numerous small cuts take the place of his eyeballs. He can use several of his skills to mold and change certain parts of his body like his arm into an offensive weapon for battle. For instance, he can even produce a unique set of wings from behind his back for flight purposes and to launch feathery attacks at his foes. When in his half-demon form, everything about his body becomes frog-like including his newly-monstrous face with a pair of large black leathery wings. Seeing this, Jircniv happens to presume that Demiurge may perhaps be a mutant or offshoot Toadman, or even a king-type of such race. For those who first met him in the New World at Re-Estize, Demiurge appears to be wearing a mask which silently conceals his face under the moniker Jaldabaoth. On the other hand, there were others from Kalinsha who ended up discovering that he could assume a different form after they felled for his deception. Although it is true and a fact that a demon capable like Demiurge as Jaldabaoth can transform, the one they witness was not really his own but a familiar he conjured forth in his place. Since he is a demon, Demiurge is considered to be one of the cruelest members in Nazarick, taking great joy in the suffering of other races. Not just this, but he was also programmed to act that way in his character setting by Ulbert. For that reason, he enthusiastically performs magic experiments on the prisoners sent to him, viewing them as nothing less than toys for his own amusement. In other words, he passionately enjoys inciting hateful feelings and treacherous thoughts among the victims of his experiments to his own pleasure. In a way, Demiurge takes pleasure in seeing the chaos and pandemonium he had incited within the hearts of his subject. It came to a point where he had finally earn the hate by all his subjects of different races much to his delight. As the Commander of the NPC defenses, he has a high level of intelligence and strategic thinking. He would also act apologetic towards his master on the behalf of the incompetent Floor Guardians barring Albedo for not being able to clearly understand a portion of Ainz's schemes but himself and the Overseer. He is keenly analytical on whatever plans Ainz had in mind for him to do along with the other NPCs, quickly deducing why his master intentionally allows Cocytus to borrow forces of low-tier undead rather than stronger ones. Demiurge works closely with the other servants of Nazarick and is loyal to the creators, thinking of them as important companions and consider their words/saying as wisdom pass down to him to reflect on. However, due to their conflicting personalities shared with their respective creators, he and Sebas Tian do not appear to get along well with each other. Though Demiurge is a sadistic demon that thrives on the pain of other creatures, he has a more artistic side to him. He is a skilled carpenter and artisan, with hobbies of crafting beautiful works of art. Such artwork is done by using victims from his experiments as tools for his inspiration. Demiurge is ambitious about the future of Nazarick and will do everything he can including his duties and experiments like the making of scrolls to strengthen their fighting force. He takes every word his master says literally, misinterpreting them to the best of his knowledge and ability. This can be heavily emphasized when Demiurge became the mouthpiece of Ainz to explain their master's supposed plan to his fellow Nazarick denizens. The only time Demiurge was ever known to lose his composure happens to be when his master Ainz's life is in danger. Nonetheless, Demiurge is considerate and meticulous of his plans by not recklessly relying on Nazarick's resources too much. He likes to hear his master Ainz's words directly face-to-face from him rather than through a [Message] call. On the other hand, Demiurge's kindness is genuine when directed only to his fellow denizens of Nazarick. He is considered to be a very gentle person around the friends in Nazarick he talked to. However, to everyone else who are not align to Nazarick, his fake kindness is falsely the care he gives them like his tools that he treated badly during his experiments. Demiurge would cheerfully talk about his fun hobby of torturing his opposition. If he were the one holding someone captive, Demiurge would surely toss the head of his hostage at anyone stupid enough to walk to their deaths. According to Sebas, Demiurge would abuse the hostage in front of the enemy in order to frighten them into submission. Demiurge felt the thought of immobilizing would-be rescuers and then having them watch as he tortured their hostage is a moving sight for him to do. If it were Demiurge, he would even let the rescuers who came to mount a rescue escape with their hostage. Demiurge detailed that he would firstly let them rest at ease and believe they had escaped, and then he would turn the tables on them. This way, he can see his victims experience hope, before having them fall into despair when everything they do works against their favor.

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