Denki Kaminari Husbando

Denki Kaminari
Place of Origin
Saitama Prefecture
Date of Birth
June 29th
168.00 cm
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Denki Kaminari, also known as Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Denki has short gold hair, parted to the right with a black lightning-shaped streak on the left of his side fringe, which is angled to partially obscure his left eye. He has slanted, somewhat triangular golden eyes and notably small eyebrows. He's slimmer than most male students in his class, with little visible muscle mass. During the Paranormal Liberation War, Denki gained a scar on his upper left forehead following his injury from Mr. Compress' attack, although his hair covers it rather well. He wears the standard U.A. uniform during school hours, the second button of his blazer undone. He also wears dark brown shoes. In his original hero costume, he wears a plain white shirt, over which he wears an open black jacket with a white lightning pattern across his back and matching pants with two lines running down his legs. He has a single, square-shaped earphone over his right ear, resembling a radio antenna sticking out of the top. His updated hero costume consists of a slightly shorter black jacket with fewer white patterns, only two near the hem and collar, and a yellow-rimmed lightning bolt around each of his shoulders. He still wears matching black pants, but they only have a small zig-zag near each of their cuffs, and he wears a belt and a white V-neck shirt. Around his right wrist, he wears a wristband with a circular mechanism from which he can shoot disc-shaped Pointers, which aid him in aiming his Quirk. He also wears a black choker with a silver buckle on the left side and a headset with a blue-tinted visor. Denki is a friendly, social, and energetic boy who enjoys hanging out with others. He is rather casual when interacting with other people, including the generally unfriendly Katsuki Bakugo, although he's not above petty complaining or overreacting if he feels annoyed or shocked enough. Denki may come off as blunt and reckless at times but is always well-meaning. He encourages others to be themselves and become more comfortable doing what they like. This motivational aspect is shown when he compliments Kyoka's skill with multiple musical instruments during preparation for the U.A. School Festival. Denki is somewhat flirtatious towards the girls in and out of his class, sometimes accompanying Minoru Mineta on his schemes and trying to pass himself off as a smooth talker. He is not very lucky with his approaches, though, frequently having his advances ignored or outright rejected by those he asks out. Denki is also a bit of a jokester and sometimes teases others with playful comments. Overall, Denki is interested in appearing cool and trendy to impress people but has a shallow understanding of how to do so correctly. Because of that, he is easily influenced by what's popular or stylish at the moment, even if it's due to villain action. Denki could be more academically bright, requiring massive help with studying due to his general disinterest and neglect of school duties. He does not appear to pay much attention in classes, gets quickly bored from lectures, and suffers anxiety attacks when dealing with tests, at which point he becomes increasingly agitated and aggressive. Frequently showing a lack of tact and smarts in and outside of school, Denki may give off the impression of being stupid or foolish, leading others to throw snide remarks at him, especially Kyoka Jiro, or underestimate his capabilities as a hero. Despite this, Denki can show surprising knowledge about specific areas such as literature, art, and music, possessing an extensive vocabulary that shows up now and then. Denki becomes distraught when put into stressful situations, appearing spineless and incompetent to foes and allies alike. During combat, he is swift to panic and may accidentally activate his Quirk in the face of imminent danger, leaving himself vulnerable. He becomes more reluctant to use his full power when there are allies close to him, being afraid of hurting them through collateral damage from his explosive bolts. He becomes more confident in his fighting abilities when he is assured that all his allies will be safe from his powers. He does not tolerate others looking down on him, and his classmates and will defend them if necessary. Whenever Denki exceeds his wattage limit, he loses his ability to discharge energy, with his entire personality changing into that of a giggling idiot for a certain period until he reverts to normal. In this state, he is always giving thumbs-ups as a way to let others know that he is okay.

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