Desuhiko Thunderbolt Husbando

Desuhiko Thunderbolt
Original Name
デスヒコ サンダーボルト
Romaji Name
Desuhiko Sandāboruto
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 8th
153.00 cm
51.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 36160
Like # 39301
Trash # 25680

Desuhiko Thunderbolt is a Master Detective in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. Desuhiko is one of the shorter Master Detectives, appearing rather childlike, with a more rounded face. He has green eyes with irises resembling five-pointed stars. He sports short dirty blond hair, with swept bangs, and wears a black beanie on top of it, with 2 small yellow squares on its rim. The right corners of his upper lip are slightly curled up. Desuhiko wears a yellow hoodie, with a white blazer over the top of it, with a plethora of decorative pins on the lapels. He has black shorts which go past knee-length, which he wears black tights underneath, and white sneakers with yellow soles. A badge for the World Detective Organization is visible on the left side of his shorts. He is typically seen with a giant yellow and black backpack, with his disguise tools inside. Desuhiko is a goofball who loves to flirt with women against their will, even with Shinigami when he sees her true form. Despite his status as a detective, he loses composure at the sight of blood and corpses. He appears to be very prideful and thinks highly of himself as a Master Detective, looking down on Yuma as a mere trainee. Despite this he eventually grows to respect his capabilities. He is outgoing and flashy, the polar opposite of Vivia, which unfortunately causes some disputes occasionally.

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