Deus Trinity Husbando

Deus Trinity
Original Name
Romaji Name
Dīs Toriniti
Appears In
Trinity Seven
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Popularity # 31796
Like # 31657
Trash # 24422

Deus Trinity was the previous True Magic King. A long time ago, he was defeated by the wizard kings of the past. After that he waited for his resurrection within the Dante's Gate. He was overthrown by some of the Malebranche 17 years prior to the start of the series. His body was eaten by Gurafia, but his Magic King Element went missing after the battle, and the rest of the rebelling fraction were searching for it in hopes of controlling his power. After his defeat at the hands of Mira, Arsha had a bad feeling, as he might still revive. Later due to the curse placed on Arata's neck by him, he uses it to completely revive himself in another body vessel which used to be Gurafia, now which he is able to unleash his true power and his true abilities. Much later, he hijacked the use of Maris projection sphere to show himself in the Arbitrator Headquarters. After negotiating with Aetheria to defeat the goddess if she revives, and receiving the Arbitrators approval. He later participates in the battle against the Giant Nornil Pillars, along with Arata. Deus Trinity eventually died by Aryan hands, with his corpse stabbed by his own Dante's Cross. Deus Trinity's Thema is Caritas of the Superbia Archive. But because Arbalishia tried to kill him, he managed to split his own Thema, survived, and even reached a higher level of his Thema even with just one character. His Thema after his revival is Amore (Love). Reflecting this, his personality is twisted. He loves everything in the world, even his followers who tried to betray him. As an expression of that love, he wants to consume the whole universe. The other half of his Thema, Sensus (Feeling), became Arata. For that reason he considers Arata his son. As a Magic King, Deus Trinity can access three Archives: Superbia, Gula, Avaritia. But in his current weakened state without his core, and split from his true body, he can only access Superbia.

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