Dew Gayl

Dew Gayl
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Dew Gayl is a member of Team NDGO. Dew and her team fight Team SSSN in a match of the Vytal Festival Tournament in the episode "New Challengers...". Dew is a young woman with tanned skin, dark blonde hair swept to the left, and violet eyes. She wears a sleeveless green dress with an asymmetrical hem, what appears to be golden scale armor underneath her dress that covers her chest, neck and left arm, a lighter green sarong tied around her hips, and a golden pauldron. Two thin chains loop from the front of her pauldron and around her torso to the back. She also wears a pair of over-the-knee scale leggings, the same as her chest armor, armored boots with a small heel matching the pauldron, and a simple chain bracelet with a ring connected to it on her right hand.

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