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Dionysus (ディオニュソス) was the head of the Dionysus Familia. He is later revealed to be Enyo. Dionysus appeared to be friendly and able to get along with anyone. He was also prone to giving lip service to women that were attracted to him, gaining the anger of Filvis every time. He gave off the air of a rich prince and was mentioned to be dignified compared to most Gods. He also acted as if he cared about his children, saying that he wanted to get revenge for them when they were murdered. He appeared to be loyal to Zeus as he accused Hermes of being "Ouranos' dog" as he believed that the latter had abandoned him. However, as Enyo he showed that he didn't care for others, mentioning that he thought of others as trash and wanted to spit at them. When he told Ein that the end was near, he said it as if he was happy, regretful, rejoiceful, lonely, and trembling. A deviant God by nature, his favorite and biggest enjoyment was to see an "orgia", people filled with despair, fear and pain as they scream and run for their lives, which he considered to be "beautiful madness". His desire to make mortals suffer was indiscriminate since it extended even to the members of his own Familia, feeling sorrow due to having to kill some before sacrificing them all rather than because of their actual deaths, as well as finding pleasure in Filvis' grief after she turned into a Creature. Nevertheless, he still loved them, even if only in his own and unique way. Dionysus is based on the Greek God of the same name.

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