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“It's okay. We can still save them.” The Doctor is the player character of Arknights and, along with Amiya, the protagonist of the Main Theme. You can't remember anything. At first, you can't feel anything. Things gradually start to feel familiar... But in the end, you can't remember anything important. The leader of Rhodes Island, a person filled with long-forgotten mysteries The background of the Doctor is shrouded in mystery, however at the start of the game, after awaking from the Sarcophagus, it's discovered that they have amnesia. The Doctor used to be a lead Oripathy researcher alongside being a doctor in neurology and a commander, but despite the amnesia, they can command very skillfully. The Doctor also possesses extensive knowledge, to the point that they could even create an algorithm that could precisely predict the movements of a Catastrophe, once again despite the amnesia. Despite the title, the Doctor appears to be for Rhodes Island more of a field commander and a military stategist during the conflict against Reunion throughout the Chernobog-Lugmen crisis, but they often spend most of their time doing paperwork or research. Their race remains a mystery as they lack any visible animal trait unlike most Terran Ancients, however they are always shown to be covered by multiple layers of clothing, therefore hiding most animal traits should they have any. The Doctor is often seen wearing a mask and concealing hoodie off of Rhodes Island, but on it they seem to at least not be wearing the mask as often, as evident in multiple voicelines referring to their face in one way or another; it's unclear how many Operators have seen them unmasked, but the player has yet to see their face; in Arknights: Prelude to Dawn, the Doctor is confirmed to have dark gray eyes and snow white hair, and bigger hands than Amiya's (who's a child) and the Doctor has an androgynous voice. There are very few traits clear from the Doctor's physical shape, due to their concealing clothing, but it is known that they are not a sporty person, have little muscle and cannot fight. There are also multiple other physical details that can sometimes be found in Operator's voicelines. Despite the mystery, there are some hints attesting to the Doctor's past prior to their amnesia. Firstly, they were a member of Babel after Theresa asked Kal'tsit if she could meet them[8]. Babel is the predecessor of R.I. that was once a Kazdelian militant organization under the leadership of the nation's monarch Theresa, to which most founding members of Rhodes Island belonged. As one of its key figures, they also acted as Babel's commander. According to an analogy from Ines, the Doctor is like a chess player, a living person, while everyone else, including her are just wooden chess pieces; if Ines is a person, then the Doctor is something else. Scout recalled that when he Babel had "forced" the Doctor into the commanding position, all Scout saw in the Doctor's eyes was nothing but their promise of victory, making him wary that Babel could be turning this good doctor into a war machine. Closure also briefly mentions, before being shut down by Kal'tsit because Closure isn't allowed to discuss that; the Doctor was getting weirder and weirder near the end of the war. The Doctor, prior to their amnesia, was shown to be even more merciful than Kal'tsit and Theresa, since they wanted a confused assailant exiled so they can figure themself out, while Kal'tsit suggested they were put to death and Theresa agrees. The Doctor also let off a soldier off the hook, despite them putting an entire squad at risk, because it was a honest mistake made by someone truly loyal to Theresa. The Doctor still has a humorous side too, casually conversing with Ace, Scout, and Logos. They also previously acted as a guardian for the young, orphaned Amiya and raised her. She has since remained close to them, treating them as a parental figure, and views them very differently from other operators. Secondly, the Doctor is believed to be responsible for Theresa's death, at least according to Kal'tsit. The events following that led to her death, however, still remain a mystery. Many former Babel members, such as W and Kal'tsit, continue to hold the Doctor responsible and resent them for it. Somehow, the Doctor also sustained fatal injuries, leading Kal'tsit having to place them inside the Sarcophagus, an ancient device located inside the Ursine city of Chernobog, which they remained in stasis in for the next three years to heal. Despite them having amnesia after waking up from the Sarcophagus, it is not what had caused the amnesia, according to Kal'tsit. The Doctor is also implied to be a unique race, and have been around for a long time. The Sarcophagus was capable of healing the Doctor's race, whatever it may be, but would potentially lead to rather messed up results when it functions on a different race (not completely confirmed, something else could have caused the results). As the Doctor slowly regain their memories, they have begun to remember a mysterious woman named Priestess who, currently, is the only known connection with their past besides Rhodes Island itself. The Rhodes Island landship, the current mobile base of R.I., is also an archaic structure that was excavated in Rim Billiton, and the system within suggests that both the Doctor and Priestess were around when the landship was already built. Finally, the Doctor's blood is unique. It is not known exactly how it is unique but Kal'tsit used it as an ingredient for a solution used on Amiya after she passed out from removing one of her rings and overusing her powers. Since their return to R.I., the Doctor has been actively involved in medical fields and the organization's commercial business, and they have been building partnerships with other businessmen and important figures such as the Grand Knight of Kazimierz and Enciodas Silverash the Kjeragian warlord. Back on R.I.'s landship, they work on writing theses on Oripathy, treating their patients, and arranging missions for combat operators. In their free time, the Doctor also provides other help, such as acting as a teacher for youngsters like Ifrit and Projekt Red.

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