Ryotaro Dojima Husbando

Ryotaro Dojima
Original Name
堂島 遼太郎
Romaji Name
Dōjima Ryōtarō
Appears In
Persona 4
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 16th 1970
179.00 cm
66.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 9318
Like # 8796
Trash # 10098

Ryotaro Dojima is a character from Persona 4. Dojima has short, grayish black hair, gray eyes, three-day stubble and broad shoulders. He is frequently seen wearing a dark gray shirt with pulled up sleeves, a loose, light red necktie and a brown belt with a metal buckle as well as a pair of dress pants along with dark brown shoes. On his left arm, he has a silver wristwatch. Despite carrying it around most of the time, Dojima is never seen wearing his black jacket. In Persona 4 The Animation, Dojima occasionally carries a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket. Living alone with his daughter, Dojima is shown to be a hard-working detective, although he often becomes a workaholic. Adachi notes that he is a particularly harsh supervisor to him, but Dojima is a seasoned detective and takes his job seriously and is merely training Adachi for their line of work. While he loves his daughter, he has difficulty being a father to her, especially in wake of his wife's death, whom he states that Nanako resembles in both appearance and personality. His wife's death weighs on him heavily and he is obsessed with catching her killer, even at the expense of spending time with his daughter. According to the events of his Social Link, Dojima did not understand the true meaning of "family" until the protagonist arrived, further pointing out the familial problems of the Dojimas. Should the protagonist progress his Social Link as well as Nanako's, these familial problems can be amended and Dojima becomes more involved in Nanako's life. To the protagonist, he acts as his guardian during his time in Inaba, yet he states that he feels that the two share a bond more like brothers rather than uncle-nephew. He can be unknowingly stern and even harsh when he speaks to the protagonist, but always acknowledges those moments and apologizes. He is also worried about the protagonist's involvement in the case, and gets easily enraged when stressed. As events unfolds in the story, he becomes suspicious of the protagonist's activities and tendency to be involved with the victims throughout the game. However, during the climax of the story, when Dojima is incapacitated, he puts his full trust in the protagonist to resolve the situation. By the end of the story, Dojima has fully recognized the protagonist as an important member of his family and openly welcomes him back into his home whenever he comes to visit.

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