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Dosanko is a freshman student at Babyls Demon School. She is often seen alongside with Konatsu, Haruno, and Azuki, which are her close friends. Dosanko's body is of cone-like shape and is a light shade of purple. She is one of the unique demons that only consist of single eye with long eyelashes with a black pupil as well as having lips often seen with the shade of red. Her arms and legs are long and slender in appearance. She wears the Babyls' school female uniform. Dosanko normally acts very haughty seeing herself above every other girl. She is considering herself a major-league beauty and almost always shows up in a posse of her other friends. However, despite this, she never does anything harmful and in fact is fully open to complimenting people if they match her standards for things besides beauty, which are actually pretty reasonable. Despite not having an attractive body, she often acts like she's the "World's Most Beautiful Woman". This has probably something to do for the fact that she has an unrecognizable, censored beauty, according to Raim's Ero Scope in measuring her erotic appeal. She has a thing for guys that are hot and sexy.

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