Dot Barrett Husbando

Dot Barrett
Place of Origin
Magic Realm
Date of Birth
April 1st
178.00 cm
72.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 30987
Like # 34095
Trash # 20127

Dot Barrett is a first-year student at Easton Magic Academy and one of the main characters of the Mashle series. Dot has spiky red hair and red-brown eyes. He wears an Easton Magic Academy school uniform. He also wears a black headband with three white squares signs across it. He has a single magic line underneath his right side of his eye that looks like a zig zag and a warding cross underneath his headband. Dot is hot-blooded and obnoxious, stating that he's the main character, loathing "hot guys", and constantly trying to one-up someone. But deep down, he's a nice guy and will apologize if he's wrong about something. He also is shown to fall in love easily and also is sensitive to getting rejected. It also seems like he's has good house manners, gifting people a gift when he visits them in their homes. Back when he was a child, Dot was very submissive and prone to getting bullied, causing his older sister to help him.

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