Veritas Ratio Husbando

Veritas Ratio
Original Name
Romaji Name
Dr. Ratio
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Date of Birth
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Popularity # 36059
Like # 33603
Trash # 40923

Dr. Veritas Ratio is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. A candid and self-centered Intelligentsia Guild member, who often conceals his appearance with a strange plaster sculpture. He demonstrated unparalleled intelligence and talent since his youth, but now refers to himself as a "Mundanite." He firmly believes that intellect and creativity are not confined to geniuses. He seeks to distribute knowledge to the entire universe to cure the persistent disease named ignorance. Dr. Ratio has wavy violet hair that partially covers his left eye. He has pale skin and a muscular build, with reddish-pink eyes with a yellow ring around the pupils. He wears a black vest with a diamond cutout on front and another cutout on his side, white buttons down the middle, with a gold ornament on top with a purple jewel in its center. He has dark blue pants, with golden sandals and arm braces with blue gems. He wears a blue cloth around his right shoulder and a sleeveless white cloth around his left, held by a black belt at his waist. There are straps wrapped around both his thigh and his arm. His gold shoulder piece resembles the head of the owl, with wing, feather, and owl head motifs throughout his outfit. This, combined with the laurel-like accessory on his head, point to Dr. Ratio's wisdom and academic achievement. He occasionally wears a white alabaster sculpture over his head, with a different hairstyle and laurel.

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