Whore of Babylon

Whore of Babylon
Original Name
Romaji Name
Babiron no Yōfushi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 16024
Like # 16311
Trash # 13809

Whore of Babylon, Class Name Beast VI/S, Beast VI/Sodom's Beast, is a Beast-class Servant appearing in Fate/Grand Order Arcade. Nero Claudius manifested as a Beast: the great Whore of Babylon from Saint John's Book of Revelation. Nega-Messiah, the greatest atrocity as viewed in Christianity. At times called the Beast of Revelations, who is in turn equated to Satan. The one who lays waste to the most prosperous yet depraved cities of an age. It is not divine retribution or anything of the sort. It is because of the Holy Grail she possesses that the "city" prospered from the shadows in the first place. In her adult state, Whore of Babylon bears the appearance of an older and voluptuous Nero, corrupted with red and purple eyes, wearing nothing but blood and a golden plate on her belly. Her hands have claw-like nails, and she has red-and-white wolf tail and ears. What she feels is most "delicious" is the flesh of the fruit the moment before it rots. In other words, a city-state filled to the brim with human desire. When all desires able to be expressed by humans are contained within a single city, as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, it will be offered up to her as the greatest dinner of all. After battling with her in Babylon, she admits that the main reason why she is here is because she got bored with the Demon Beast Incarnadines doing all of the fighting and wanted a chance to fight Chaldea herself, leaving with an open invitation to follow her into the Convergent Singularity where she will become a mature Beast.

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