Dwyer Husbando

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Being the son of Jakob, Dwyer grew up with much pressure from his father to become a butler. Although he does become a fine butler (even surpassing his own father), he tends to refrain from fighting, sticking to healing and helping his allies rather than fighting the enemy. In his Paralogue, Jakob visits his Deeprealm to deliver his favorite coffee beans. However, to Jakob's surprise, invisible forces have infiltrated Dwyer's Deeprealm and is attacking his house. Jakob quickly rushes to rescue his son. Hearing the commotion outside, Dwyer decides that the best course of action is to stay inside and let his caretakers defend him. In the meantime, he promises to keep them healthy until he can be rescued. Jakob misinterprets his inaction as laziness and when Dwyer finally reunites with him, Jakob chastises him for not fighting, even though he is healing his comrades. Dwyer rebukes him, saying that healing does as much good for others as fighting. He even adds that he taught him how to be a good butler, and that is done first by serving others, not showing up his masters. Jakob continues to chastise him, saying that there is more worth protecting others through their bodies rather than healing in the back. Jakob vows to show Dwyer how to properly be a butler, and Dwyer agrees to see how it is done. After the battle, Dwyer finds out that all of his caretakers had abandoned him in the aftermath. Suddenly, an invader sneaks up behind Jakob, and Dwyer leaps into action to protect him. Jakob is amazed that Dwyer's "Slappyface" attack managed to down the invader, leaving him to wonder why Dwyer did not fight earlier. Dwyer explains that it was their job to watch over him, so he did not want to take away their work from them. Dwyer decides to join the army and even declares that he will become a better butler than his father. Jakob takes this as a challenge and looks forward to their battle of the best butler. After the war, he continued serving as a butler, being famous for his tea extraction methods.

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