E-51 Intelligente Husbando

E-51 Intelligente
Original Name
E-51 Teacher Robot
Romaji Name
Mr. Intelligente
Place of Origin
Dr. Eggman
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 43142
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Trash # 41827

E-51 Intelligente (E-51 Teacher Robot in Japan) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a robot teacher designed to interact with kids. While teaching, Intelligente acts cheerful and friendly, using charisma and flattery to win the hearts of his students. Intelligente is also a glory hound, having strayed from his mission to make children admire Dr. Eggman because he found it much more enjoyable to be admired himself. Beneath his charming facade, Intelligente is self-serving and disloyal, first disobeying Eggman so he could continue being admired by the children, and then abandoning the children to avoid facing Eggman's wrath. Intelligente is also an honorless coward, going back to Eggman's side when he threatened to dismantle him, even though he had promised the children mere minutes earlier that he would never abandon them. Intelligente can fly through the use of a jet on the bottom of his body. Intelligente has a degree of enhanced strength, being strong enough to lift Mr. Stewart off the ground and throw him with one hand. He can also open up his mortar board and shoot heat-seeking missiles out of his head.

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