Eclair Seaetto

Eclair Seaetto
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Ekurēru Sēatto
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Eclair Seaetto is a Knight of Melromarc who happens to be the daughter of Lord Seaetto and the Queen's right-hand guard who is in charge of the Demi-Human-protected district. Eclair's appearance is that of a standard female knight from a game with waist-length strawberry-blonde hair that has a chest-length hair strand hanging on the right side. She has blue eyes and a face that could rival Raphtalia’s in beauty, but she looks like she would fit the role of a Wicked Queen perfectly somehow. Eclair is one of the few people in Melromarc who do not discriminate against demi-humans. She is staunch in her ideal belief until it was shaken by various incidents. Eclair is a muscle brain and tends to spend most of her time training, which has unfortunately made her naïve when it comes to governing a village. During the time where she was supposed to rebuild her town following the Spirit Tortoise incident, she spends most of her time training. Furthermore, her plan was basically telling the former residents to rebuild their town, which was not possible considering their number and age. This caused both Naofumi Iwatani and Melty Q Melromarc to point out that Eclair knew nothing about governing. She is a strong believer in justice and moral principles: she is a knight to her core. Eclair would question Naofumi's methods, which became ironic later. Seeing his way lead to more or less just results, she begins to take all the antagonist traits of Nafoumi. Eclair also seems to have an innocent side because she still believes in Santa and once waited all night just to meet him.

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