Edgar Allan Poe Husbando

Edgar Allan Poe
Original Name
Romaji Name
Edogā Aran Pō
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 19th
182.00 cm
64.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 8763
Like # 7864
Trash # 14977

Edgar Allan Poe is the former master architect of the Guild, and his ability is Black Cat in the Rue Morgue. Poe is a young man with black hair that covers his eyes and hangs around his neck. From the few instances where his eyes are visible, he has dark circles under them, and although his eyes appear to be a grey color, with certain lighting and angles, they are actually violet. He wears a white mandarin collar button-up shirt with a white loosely tied ribbon around his neck. He has a black vest under an open white suit jacket that is torn around the bottom, with tails and colored lapels. Over that he wears a thigh-length black cape held together by a chain clasp. He has a belt with a large square buckle and his pants are dark with light pinstripes. His boots have black soles and are folded at the top and end just below the knees. He almost always has Karl on his shoulders. During his younger years, Poe has a longer hair which is tied into a low undercut ponytail. He also wears a simple blazer, a typical male uniform. During the agency's frameup and Ranpo Edogawa's rescue to get Yukichi Fukuzawa out from detainment, Poe wears a black suit and black tinted glasses with his hair slicked back as a disguise. Poe is portrayed as shy but determined. He spent six years on a plot to defeat Ranpo Edogawa, showing that he will work hard at something he cares about. He often talks too quietly for others to hear. He seems to have a capricious mood, first appearing confident and cold when confronting Ranpo, then suddenly depressed when Ranpo didn't know who he was. He later got very excited when he believed that he had beaten Ranpo, to the point of laughing maniacally. His angle was that of a Guild member obsessed with revenge through showing Ranpo his intricate murder mystery plot, though Ranpo soon acknowledges him and the time he took on making the six-year murder mystery plot causing Ranpo to become a kind of "beacon figure" with Poe as the "aspirer," striving to evolve his craft with the hope that one day he might exceed, or at least catch up with, Ranpo.

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