Edgar Allan Poe Husbando

Edgar Allan Poe
Original Name
Romaji Name
Edogā Aran Pō
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 19th
182.00 cm
64.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 6903
Like # 6338
Trash # 10146

Edgar Allan Poe is the master architect of the Guild, and his ability is Black Cat in the Rue Morgue. Poe is a young man with a dark brown mullet with purpleish undertones that cover his eyes and hangs around his neck. From the few instances where his eyes are visible, he has dark circles under them, and although his eyes appear to be a grey color, with certain lighting and angles, they are actually violet. He wears a white mandarin collar button-up shirt with a white loosely tied ribbon around his neck. He has a black vest under an open cream colored tailcoat that is torn around the bottom, and colored lapels. Over that he wears a thigh-length black cape held together by a chain clasp. He has a belt with a large square buckle and his pants are dark with light pinstripes. His boots are high heeled and have black soles and are folded at the top and end just below the knees. He almost always has Karl on his shoulders. During his younger years, Poe has longer hair which is tied into a low undercut ponytail. He also wears a simple sweater vest, a typical male uniform. During the agency's frameup and Ranpo Edogawa's rescue to get Yukichi Fukuzawa out from detainment, Poe wears a black suit and black tinted glasses with his hair slicked back as a disguise. Poe spent six years trying to come up with a plot that could finally outwit and defeat Ranpo Edogawa, showing that he will work hard at something he cares about, he's determined, highly intelligent, competitive, passionate, a perfectionist, and introverted. He often talks too quietly for others to hear and he's very socially awkward and hates crowds and large social gatherings. He's rather wealthy and sometimes reckless with his money and tends to have random outbursts of confidence and cockiness when he isn't comparing himself to Ranpo, even calling himself an "intellectual giant", introducing himself with a monologue of all his titles borderline bragging about them with a confident wink and a smirk. He seems to have a capricious mood, first appearing confident and cold when confronting Ranpo, then suddenly depressed when Ranpo didn't know who he was. He later got very excited when he believed that he had beaten Ranpo, to the point of laughing uncontrollably. He gets jealous quite easily and often especially when it comes to Ranpo and his own pride and intelligence, which of course lead to that six year long plot of revenge. His angle was that of a Guild member obsessed with revenge through showing Ranpo his intricate murder mystery plot, though Ranpo soon acknowledges him and the time he took on making the six-year murder mystery plot causing him to idolize Ranpo striving to evolve his craft with the hope that one day he might exceed and finally defeat his rival, or at least catch up with Ranpo. He still consistently tries to defeat and outsmart Ranpo to this day with new novels and manuscripts which so far has had no luck. Poe always comes to visit Ranpo at the Agency whenever he has a new challenge to offer. Although it seemingly has gotten less serious overtime with Poe saying that he wouldn't know what to do with himself if Ranpo were to truly die from one of his novels and they more so have grown to be trusted friends with one another. Other than Ranpo, however, he isn't known to have many friends. With the exception of his raccoon, Karl, who he considers his greatest and most trustworthy friend.

bangs brown hair fair skin mullet purple eyes writer hair over both eyes
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