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Effie is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and an ally on the Conquest and Revelation routes. Contrary to her dainty, petite appearance, Effie wields tremendous physical strength that easily allows her to perform astounding feats that regular people are unable to accomplish, including bench-pressing tree trunks and crushing whole fruits with her bare hands, her support with Corrin and Niles proves this fact. Taking pride in the physical strength that she possesses, Effie maintains her physique through rigorous training regimes that she forces herself to undergo. To this end, Effie is known to cultivate the habit of ignoring all external forms of distractions whenever she is in the midst of her training, to the point of blatantly disregarding the attempts of others to engage her in conversation. Her C support with Odin proves this fact, where the intense focus that she directs to her squat training causes her to be completely unaware of his attempts to capture her attention. This same support also reveals Effie to be eager for self-improvement, constantly seeking out new methods to enhance her physique. Odin's mention of a new training technique to instantaneously double one's strength proves this, as this piques her interest sufficiently to direct her attention from her squat training to him. As a result of her vigorous training, Effie possesses an enormous appetite to compensate. This appetite of hers is presented in a rather comical fashion throughout the supports she shares with other characters, where she is prone to unconsciously pilfering food in order to satiate her immediate hunger. While Effie's obsession with physical training may appear to be unhealthy and disquieting, it is not without good reason. According to her, she is primarily motivated by the steadfast loyalty that she bears towards her liege and best friend, Elise. Having pledged to lay her life on the line in order to protect Elise from coming under harm, Effie thus constantly seeks to strengthen herself so that she can function as an effective shield for her liege when the need arises. To this end, she is known to unhesitatingly intercept any attacks that are aimed at Elise, completely devoid of any fear of the injuries that she may possibly sustain as a result of her decision. The fearless valor that Effie displays is not one that is reserved exclusively for Elise, and is also known to be extended towards her other allies. In such situations, she is similarly completely divested of the need for self-preservation as she acts on the singular desire to protect her allies from harm. This fact is proven through her supports with Azama, where she, despite being heavily wounded from protecting him in battle, breaks out into a laugh of satisfaction for having accomplished her goal. These same supports also see her revealing that her magnanimity may potentially extend to foes whom she considers to be sufficiently pitiful, where she shields a helpless young bandit from being sniped after he is abandoned by his comrades. In the Japanese version, she is far less obsessed with strength and weight training like her localized versions. She is remarkably gentle, but is offset by her tremendous strength and tendency to eat a lot.

armor bangs blue hair fair skin medium breasts playable playable character ponytail short hair thin eyebrows yellow eyes
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