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Eight is one of the Ten Sages in the Mage's Guild. A haughty and competitive woman, she considers Nine to be her rival. Although frequently seen with Seven, the two did not get along. Eight first appeared in BlazBlue: Phase Shift 2. Eight is a loud and bossy figure in the Ten Sages, making her presence known wherever she goes. Her usual attitude includes taunting and mocking everyone around her, regardless of who they are. If she is not shown the proper respect she believes she is entitled to as one of the Sages, then Eight will remind those who address her of her position. Her voice is said to be both charming and provocative.[2] Despite her common haughty attitude, there is a passion within Eight that nothing can quell - the end of the Dark War. There is nothing more that she wants than to complete the Nox Nyctores - Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi in order to end the war, and her passion on the subject can lead her to talk quicker than most can follow. She is not one to hide her excitement and can forget herself as she delights in her own glee. She worked together with Seven, although Eight was not fond of her fellow Sage, seemingly only working with him to complete Take-Mikazuchi; when out of his earshot, she would sometimes vocally express her hatred for him.[3] Like Seven, Eight was not above using someone without their consent for her own accord, yet was one of many who feared Nine's wrath. Discussion on her figure is taboo, and doing so is enough to make her eyes twitch in anger.

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