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Eirika (Erika in the Italian version) is a playable character and a protagonist in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and a DLC character in Fire Emblem Awakening. She is the princess of Renais, only daughter of King Fado of Renais, and the younger twin sister of Prince Ephraim. Eirika is a merciful soul that detests violence, she is a forgiving and gentle person that suddenly needs to lead an army. She wishes that there was a way to solve their issues without bloodshed, but accepts that in the times of war, battling is a necessity for stopping conflict and bringing peace. She is innocent and very naive due to her sheltered childhood, being it her worst flaw. That aside, she adapts quickly to the circumstances, and matures while learning the effects of the war. She is a quick thinker and level headed, being very educated with knowledgement on geography, history and diplomacy. Eirika is a very kindhearted, and careful person. She is shown to care for others, especially the ones precious to her. Despite disliking fighting, she is very brave in the face of adversity: she will never deny help to anyone who needs it, and she will fight to protect either her friends or her kingdom. Her peaceful demeanor contrasts with her brother, Ephraim, as he is impulsive and likes fighting, and is revealed in his nostalgia in Serafew that he wants to become a mercenary. Throughout the game, her brother is very important to her, and the two share a very close bond as twins. Lyon, her childhood friend, is also important to her, and she has hopes on him even after he becomes evil. Her naivety is highlighted at some points: in her conversations with Lyon in the Narube River, and at Neleras Peak when she insists that the person talking to her is really her beloved friend Lyon, and not the Demon King. She hands him the Sacred Stone from Renais when the Demon King says that it will save Lyon, which drives her to intense guilt for a short while once the mistake sinks in.

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