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Eitri (Japanese: エイトリ Eitri) is a non-playable character appearing in Book V of Fire Emblem Heroes. Eitri is a skilled inventor and a sage dwelling in the forests of Niðavellir. Initially presenting herself as an ally of the Order of Heroes due to their shared enemy in Fáfnir, Eitri is revealed to be one of the antagonists of Book V as she assists Ótr in kidnapping the Summoner for her own ends. Eitri was first mentioned in at the start of chapter 2 of Book V, with her sanctum stated by Reginn as being roughly three days' travel; later on in the chapter, during part 4, Ótr deduces that the Order of Heroes are seeking her out and sets out in hope of stopping them. At the start of the following chapter, Eitri's role as an inventor is revealed through Sharena nearly falling into the traps she had invented to protect her sanctum. At the end of the chapter, Eitri makes her first physical appearance rescuing the Order from Fáfnir's clutches, preparing to take them to her sanctum. It is later revealed that Eitri was working with Ótr in kidnapping the Summoner in order to create a replica of Breidablik, although the Heroes summoned are empty husks.

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