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Elaine is the younger sister of the Fairy King Harlequin, the wife of Ban, mother of Lancelot, and the queen of Benwick. Initially tasked to guard the Fountain of Youth, her encounter with Ban led them to grow mutual feelings for each other, even after the destruction of Fairy King's Forest and her own death. Elaine would later be revived by Melascula, and Ban ultimately gave up his immortality to fully revive her. Elaine is a slender pale-skinned female with a very petite frame. She has neck-length blonde hair, big golden eyes and long, thin eyelashes. Despite being around 1000 years old, Elaine initially resembles a human child. When her large and elegant wings finally grew in, her appearance became more mature gaining a older and more mature figure and her hair lengthened. However, she returns to her former appearance if her magical power is completely depleted. As the Holy Maiden, Elaine wore a single white one-piece strapless dress tied together with a butterfly knot at the back. It also had long detached sleeves. When revived by Melascula, Elaine wore a fancier revealing red gown (black in the anime), along with shoes out of red leaves. After her official revival, Escanor gave her a forest green tavern gown she wore from then on with a pair of red slippers. Like her older brother, Elaine was initially distrustful of humans due to the repeated attempts to steal the water of the Fountain of Youth with malicious intent. This changed after she met and began trusting Ban by reading his heart, even developing feelings for him as a result. Like Elizabeth, Elaine is a very harmonic, curious and open-minded individual, noticing differences but respecting them due to thinking all things and beings and their properties complement each other. Elaine has shown to be a very kind, caring girl who tends to put others' well-being before her own. This was shown when she passed most of her life inside the Fairy King's forest for her people's safety even if it wasn't her duty and wanted to be traveling around the world. She is willing to forgive King for abandoning their people but initially was both disappointed and unhappy for his actions. Furthermore, Elaine even almost sacrificed her second chance to live for the Four Races' safety, only not doing so after Merlin found a calmer solution. Due to Ban's encouragement in trying out ale, Elaine becomes quite angry, bashful and easily embarrassed while drunk, sharing these traits with King. After being revived by Melascula via her demon magic, Elaine became darker and hostile to anyone spent time with Ban regardless if they are friend or foe, though she eventually returned to her innocent nature after expelling the demonic influence thanks to Jericho and Ban. Even when under the darker influence, her love was prevailing; after injuring Ban unintentionally, Elaine wasted no time in kissing her lover.

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