Elinalise Dragonroad

Elinalise Dragonroad
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Elinalise Dragonroad is a former member of Paul's party, cursed with an affliction that forces her to regularly have sexual intercourse. Following the Teleport Incident, she helped Roxy search for Rudeus' family and later joined him at the Ranoa Magic Academy, where she fell in love with Cliff after he found a remedy for her curse. By the end of Mushoku Tensei, the mysteries regarding her past and how she became cursed remain unresolved, making it possible that she could once again appear in the planned sequel series. Like many of her race, Elinalise is shown to be a beautiful and youthful-looking elf of 200+ years. She often sports white-blonde hair in heavily defined ringlets. In body, she has a curvy figure with small breasts, wide hips and shapely legs. Her eyes are a light reddish-brown and she sported the signature pointy ears, customary of all elf kind. She sported black shorts and frilled stockings that ran up to the mid-thigh. In addition to this, she wore gold-colored bands around her forearms and her top was of a small red and white corset and is always seen in her battle attire with her Estoc and Buckler. Elinalise is Erotic, Lustful, and Carefree. She does however possess somewhat of a maiden's heart. After Cliff says that he will try his hardest to remove her curse, she falls in love with him and tries to remain faithful to him as much as possible. Though he allows her to continue sleeping with other men until he creates a garment to help surpass it; afterwards, Elinalise convinces him to finally consummate their romance (having starving for him in her heart, rather than carnally like other men). She notably never tried to seduce Rudy when they traveled; largely because of the erectile dysfunction caused by his Eris trauma and hating the idea of becoming family with Paul. Though she did beg him to stop at towns, so she could sleep around to sate her curse.

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