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Elisabeth is formerly one of the three monarchs in the Lawless City who previously ruled over the Crimson Tower. She is also the queen of vampires, known as the Blood Queen. Elisabeth is a beautiful vampire woman with deep crimson hair and eyes of the same color. She had pure white skin, and her proportions are nearly perfect and feminine for a woman's body. She wears an outfit consisting of a knee-high dark red dress with red accents, dark red cuffs, dark red stockings, and a pair of shoes. She also wears a crimson hair clip accessory and a white necklace. Unlike other Vampire Progenitors who had used their abilities for survival or for evil, Elisabeth is not only the most benevolent of the progenitors but her entire species. She is a kind woman, who believed that Vampires could coexist with the other races which lead to her building her utopia where there is equality to all. Elisabeth would even sacrifice herself if to ensure no one would be hurt by her power to which she even tries to fight off her urge to feed, but her nature as the vampire progenitor prevents her from doing so. Elisabeth refuse to take humans lives excessively and hunted only the bare minimum she needed to survive.

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