Elm Ederne

Elm Ederne
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196.00 cm
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Popularity # 25930
Like # 27114
Trash # 19409

Elm Ederne is a member of the Ace-Ops Specialists, first introduced in "The Greatest Kingdom". Elm is described by her voice actress, Dawn M. Bennett, as being a "big buff lady with a heart of gold", illustrating she has a very kind and good nature. She also shows to be a tough and loud person who is not afraid to let someone know what is on her mind. She appears to be somewhat overzealous, such as when she rushed to Ruby and stated how bad she felt not knowing who she was when her team arrested her and her friends, all while shaking the girl's hand with great force. She is stated to not have a filter. Elm, like other members of the Ace-Ops team, does not consider her teammates to be friends, laughing the idea off. Additionally, despite being fairly loud herself, Elm is confused by other over-the-top behavior of people such as Nora Valkyrie. Elm is intensely loyal to James Ironwood, not questioning any of his orders, citing she only needs to follow them.

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