Elmenhilde Karnstein

Elmenhilde Karnstein
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Elmenhilde Karnstein is a Noble pure-blooded Vampire and a member of the Carmilla Faction, a female-dominated Vampire faction, that was previously in a civil war with the Tepes Faction, a male-dominated Vampire faction. As a pure-blooded Vampire noble, she originally had an extremely arrogant, noble, and selfish personality, often discriminating against those who are not pure-bloods, such as herself, although she was capable of acknowledging someone's strength, even if their outside her race. However, some time after the chaos caused by the civil war in her homeland and Rizevim's actions, she becomes much more calm, sweet, sensitive and kind, ultimately dropping her discriminatory and arrogant attitude. Elmenhilde was born into the House of Karnstein, one of the highest ranking noble Vampire families of the Carmilla Vampire Faction. At one point she's chosen as the envoy to recruit Gasper to their side for the Vampire Civil War. Elmenhilde is seen to act flushed and embarrassed at the mention of Issei, someone who she had previously looked down on, showing that she has fallen for him. She can be quite clumsy with trivial things when nervous, as shown when she tripped and dropped a tray with teacups by accident.

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