Ema Yasuhara

Ema Yasuhara
Original Name
安原 絵麻
Romaji Name
Yasuhara Ema
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Ema Yasuhara is one of the main characters of SHIROBAKO. She had been employed at Musashino Animation as a key animator until she quit. After four years, Ema becomes a freelance animator. Ema is a woman in her early twenties with chest-length black hair that is tied into to parts by small, white hairbands and forest-green eyes. When she attended High School, she usually wore her school uniform. These days, she pairs a white button-up shirt with a white and periwinkle pinstripe skirt. A turquoise necktie is accessorized alongside navy knee-highs, a light grey blazer and black ankle boots. Around the office, she wears oversized sweaters layered over button-ups. Ema is a timid, self-doubting, and quiet; usually very soft-spoken and meek girl in the manga and the anime. She can give great advice when the time is right but usually shows a shy personality, especially concerning work that she has personally done and she isn't very great at conveying her emotions. Initially, Ema comes off as someone with low self-confidence. However, with encouragement from fellow colleagues and friends, she decides to take on more responsibility and accepts more daunting tasks. Ema does not take criticism well. When she received criticism from Misato Segawa about her dull lines and mediocre keys, Ema began to lose her sense of purpose and will for animating. She kept her emotions to herself until Shigeru Sugie and Yumi Iguchi gave her advice. In the movie, Ema is more confident that can give reasonable advice depends on received demands. Despite that, she will still struggle with the problem between speed and quality.

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