Emilia Ludowell

Emilia Ludowell
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Emilia Ludowell was the homeroom teacher of Anos's class. She's now the school director of the Hero Academy. Initially, Emilia holds no respect towards Arnos; however, that changes after he proves himself to her. Emilia is a young adult woman with long hair which she keeps in a bun. Emilia is proud of being royalty and is not happy about Anos, a mixed-blood, being extremely powerful. Emilia has been willing to give her students an opportunity to prove themselves, from time to time. When choosing teams within the class, Anos wasn't supposed to be a team leader due to his mixed blood. However after losing a bet to him, she allowed him to be a team leader. Despite acknowledging his skill, she still felt like Anos, as a mixed blooded demon had no business questioning or surpassing pure-blooded demons, and was willing to sabotage him to satisfy her standards, as shown when she attempted to sabotage Anos's dungeon exam and when she tried to steal his sword.

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