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Emma is part of a traveling group, and once she reached Valentia, she and Randal got lost from the rest of the travelers. They were suddenly attacked by bringands, and upon realizinging that just the two of them couldn't survive, she flees to seek help and finds a nearby army, that happens to be Alm or Celica's party. After defeating the bandits, Emma and Randal decide to join the party, as a thanks for the help, and also ask to be guided during their stay in Valentia. She is showed to admire the pegasus sisters Est, Catria and Palla, as she is aware of the triangle attack and is training to develop her own technique, named "solo triangle attack". Emma is a very cheerful thirteen-year-old girl that is fairly inexperienced and ignorant, so therefore she is easly flustered. She always strives to better herself by further her training as fledgling sky knight, though her silly ideas of techniques makes her easily teased. Although she is a bit of an airhead, oftentimes her keen senses can suddenly rear her head. She is shown to be peeved by Randal's sloppy habits like gambling and his tastes in women, asking for her caretaker companion to be more responsible. She is in despair when he teases her and doesn't take her rants seriously because she is a kid, which Randal finds funny.

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