Emma Sano

Emma Sano
Original Name
佐野さの エマ
Romaji Name
Sano Ema
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
November 25th 1991
150.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 2704
Like # 2441
Trash # 6541

Emma Sano is the younger half-sister of Shinichiro and Manjiro Sano and the adoptive younger sister of Izana Kurokawa. In middle school, Emma was of short stature and a feminine figure being fairly developed for her age. She had past shoulder-length honey blonde hair swept over her shoulder and large golden eyes. She often wore her traditional school uniform consisting of a white button-up shirt, gray skirt, a light blue jacket wrapped around her waist, and white loose socks in a pair of brown school shoes. As an adult, she ties her hair to a bun. She is seen wearing a light green dress Emma has a very childish demeanor when around Draken, her long time crush. She will often flirt with others to try to get him jealous and then deflate when he doesn't get angry, hoping to steal his attention from her brother. She acts older than she is because she wishes to grow up faster but her childish nature comes out still. She is loyal to her brother and listens to his orders. Hinata notes that Emma is at heart a pure romanticist who wants her love to succeed, and is a very kind girl at heart who worries about others despite trying to maintain a more composed demeanor.

blonde hair fair skin short yellow eyes medium breasts
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