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Emp; Elissa Megan Powers
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Empowered is an unsuccessful but dedicated super-heroine who is cursed with an extremely wacky and unreliable super suit that has an unfortunate tendency to fail when she needs it. Often captured by various criminals and super-villains, she struggles to live down a reputation as being the "lamest" cape around. Despite this, Empowered is a kind, caring person, unlike most other superheroes in her universe. Emp is a 20-something super heroine and associate-member of the Superhomeys superhero group. Her powers and abilities are derived from a super suit of unknown origin and nature (the suit literally "fell out of the sky" in an envelope addressed to her). This suit, while being Emp’s source of power, has also made her a social laughingstock as it often fails her when she needs it the most. This is due to the suit’s material, known as a “hyper membrane”, being incredibly thin and incredibly skin-tight, while also being extremely fragile and sometimes uncooperative. Despite these shortcomings, Empowered’s super suit has steadily become more useful and resilient with new abilities being revealed as the series progresses. Additionally, Emp’s suit has been implied to have been bonded specifically to her, and has been shown to be completely useless when worn by other people. The suit's odd behaviour and contradictory properties (such as being able to stop bullets and shark bites, yet also extremely fragile) are at least partially a result of Elissa's psychological difficulties and limitations. Emp’s super suit imparts both voluntary powers, controlled intentionally by the wearer, and involuntary powers; passive abilities that become active without conscious intent of the wearer, and physical attributes that do not necessarily enhance the function of the suit but are active nonetheless. Powers include superhuman strength, invisibility, various visual enhancements including magnification and x-ray vision, the ability to cling to all surfaces, high-intensity directed energy discharges, damage protection, suit regeneration, vacuum support, powered-up independent action, and other miscellaneous powers.

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