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Enkidu, Class Name False Lancer, is the "False" Lancer-class Servant summoned by the Wolf in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake. Lancer is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Enkidu's appearance is something modeled after said sacred prostitute out of respect. Lancer is able to take a myriad of forms, but their usual form is that of a sixteen-year-old androgynous person with long, beautiful hair that shimmers with a light-green color. They were summoned only wearing a plain tunic, so they seem rather unremarkable compared to those normally called Heroic Spirits. Enkidu is not summoned with any items, and their clothing does not look valuable in any way. While heroes are not determined by their wealth, being summoned completely barehanded is abnormal. It is hard to tell if Enkidu is a man or woman at first glance. Their face retains vaguely childlike features that are able to be interpreted as that of either gender. Their lustrous skin and soft features are reminiscent of a woman, but their loose tunic further obscures their sex by hiding their physique, making it impossible to see their chest and hips, and making it difficult to discern if they are even actually human. They have firm and taut limbs with rough hands and feet like those of men, and their body seems like a coiled spring ready to rocket forth. With an androgynous and neutral voice, Enkidu's face can be called beautiful and elegant despite their gender, but at the same time gives off a strange and uncomfortable atmosphere. While their face looks human, it also appears inhuman due to the fact that it looks "too perfect." While the feeling cannot be put into words and it is not immediately apparent to the eye, Enkidu's form evokes a similar feeling in the observer as a mannequin or puppets constructed by magi. Their nature becomes less apparent the more one looks upon them, but their beauty as a being of perfect harmony is undeniable. They are a paradoxical being that possesses the impurity characteristic of mankind and the immaculate perfection inherent to nature. Defying classification as man or woman, human or beast, god or demon: their body is like the velvety boughs wrapping the statue of Venus. In the April Fool Art by Riyo, they're depicted topless with nothing to obscure their chest. Enkidu's flesh was designed so that their entire personality would be inscribed into the body itself. As such, even if a different soul inhabited their corpse, it would be recorded by the world as one of the "paths" a body created by the gods took. A path... or perhaps "circuit" is a better term. Enkidu originally didn't have a personality until he bonded with other humans and Gilgamesh himself. Therefore, what was recorded onto the Throne of Heroes was not his soul, but his physical body. Lancer seems to greatly appreciate nature, and often finds it as a relief that the world is still beautiful as ever even after being covered by cities like Uruk. They are happy to sit while their Master is resting and simply allow themself to enjoy the magnificent natural landscape and the "song of the river." They enjoyed running in the wild during their days as a beast, with only the voice of Gilgamesh drawing them towards Uruk. Even when dealing with the person who hurt their Master, Enkidu speaks serenely in a polite manner without any provocation. They follow their Master's wishes exactly without issue, leaving the magus to his own devices. At the final jeering from the magus calling their Master a mongrel, Lancer simply turns their head and looks at the magus with eyes saturated with “rejection.” They instantly dissolve the malice in their eyes upon the magus' departure, and focus on their Master afterward. Much like Gilgamesh, Lancer regards their friendship highly. They held that they were a weapon in life, and that their fate was to be supplanted by the next. Any worth or mystery was to be limited only to Enkidu's age, but Gilgamesh changed those thoughts. Gilgamesh accepted a penalty of a fate of solitude thereafter, but granted Enkidu with a soul with his words. Enkidu believes that they sinned in knowing Gilgamesh, whose greatest sincerity was to remain aloof without acknowledging the strong or the weak, but in the end, Enkidu ended up leaving a lasting mar upon that integrity. Enkidu is extremely surprised upon learning Gilgamesh has been summoned, and initially cannot even believe in such a turn of fate. After calmly opening their eyes, slowly standing up, and having a brief moment of silence, a feeling of confusion, frustration, and finally overwhelming joy rampages through their chest. Enkidu believes it is destiny that they will battle once again in the Holy Grail War, and is confident that the tapestry woven between them and their King would not tear just because a fight or two. Even after a thousand melees together, their bond would remain just as strong as ever. Introverted, active and self-assured. Usually they just loiter like a beautiful flower; but, once it gets on the move, it becomes a frightening active monster that doesn’t wait, has no mercy and shows no self-restraint. Since they are a life form born from the Earth, Enkidu also finds humans “appealing”. But, because humans think of themselves as beings apart from nature due to their intelligence, they rank low as protection targets. Enkidu feels that animals and plants are existences closer to itself and will mostly take action in order to protect them, rather than humans. That being said, since it had great curiosity (intellectual craving) to begin with, Enkidu regards conversations with humans as an enjoyment. If said character has an appealing personality (a totalitarian brimming with a philanthropic mentality, but still someone who thinks of themselves foremost), Enkidu will demonstrate respect and admiration from the bottom of its heart, feeling joy in support them as a friend.

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