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Enmu was the primary antagonist in the Mugen Train Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was a demon affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Lower Rank One. Enmu was a slender young man who appeared to be in his mid twenties. He possessed a medium build and was of average height. He had ringed blue eyes that tilt sharply down towards the sides of his face, the left one of which had the kanji for Lower and daiji for One etched into its iris, and a horizontal slit on his right instead of a pupil. He had three square-shaped markings on each of his cheeks, each separated by a smaller square, which fade from green to yellow in color, and straight, chin-length hair of a dark black color which he wore parted to his right, the right side tucked behind his ear. His hair fades into a red-pink color near the ends, but appears blue at the tips of the two longer, shoulder-length strands that curve upwards and outwards below the base of his neck, from under the rest of his hair. Enmu wore a long, black button-up coat that arched upwards on either side of his legs so that only the two tails in front and behind fall down below his knees, and a white dress shirt, the cuffs of which appear over those of his coat. He also wore a pair of pinstriped pale gray pants and plain, slightly heeled shoes of a similar color. When Enmu received more blood from Muzan Kibutsuji, his left hand formed a mouth at the back, an eye next to it and most of his fingers had the kanji for Dream etched on their skin. Enmu was cold, callous, and sadistic, openly stating that he enjoyed the pain and suffering of humans; his favorite method of torment was giving them a happy and pleasant dream before turning it into a nightmare and taking pleasure in the agonized expressions they made as he tortured them. This sadism even extends to his fellow demons, as he relished seeing his fellow Lower Ranks being killed right in front of his eyes. As well as sadism, Enmu was shown to exhibit masochistic behaviors, a multitude of times he had expressed positive reactions to pain inflicted on him. This enjoyment, however, seems to be limited to those he only respects and holds himself loyal to, the required power over him mostly being hierarchical rather than literal. This masochism was shown most prominently in the Lower Ranks Meeting, during which, upon being gifted with Muzan's blood, a typically torturous and painful experience that could have potentially killed him, Enmu appeared with a smiling and flushed expression, enjoying the experience. Though, these masochistic tendencies were not prevalent in his battle against the Demon Slayers as when they successfully attacked him, he was seen only being amused, shocked, or frustrated by his failures. Like most demons, Enmu was shown to have little to no care for human life; he saw humans as nothing more than mere pawns, as he did not bother to warn his human minions of the various dangers of facing Demon Slayers, and simply considered them to be expendable. He also seemed to revel in turning humans into his desperate servants by using his power to give them nice and pleasant dreams, before he pulled them out and falsely promised to give them more if they helped him. Enmu was also intelligent and cautious in approach to anything he executed, having complete understanding of his power's strengths and weaknesses and making sure to both exploit and avoid them respectively in order to succeed. However, upon being given more blood and therefore further empowered by Muzan, Enmu seemed to have become overconfident, arrogant and greedy, as seen when he acted more recklessly to obtain more blood from Muzan in order to properly challenge one of the Upper Ranks to a blood duel in order to take their place. This eventually proved to be his undoing, as he did not predict his attempts to exhaust the Demon Slayers would be insufficient, eventually leading to his beheading by Tanjiro Kamado. In his final moments, Enmu blamed his death on his opponents and refused to acknowledge his lacking foresight and cockiness, reaffirming his self-belief that he was destined for more and cursing every one of his attackers for getting past him.

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