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Epsilon is the fifth member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original "Seven Shadows". Her public identity is Shiron, an award-winning pianist and composer of numerous "original" pieces of music that are actually songs from Earth taught to her by Shadow, which she uses to infiltrate aristocratic circles and gather information. Epsilon is a young Elf with a high refined posture and a beautiful smooth face. She has long light blue hair tied into pigtails. The color of her eyes is purple, different than the color of her hair. Epsilon possesses a curvaceous body that will make any woman envious. However, she actually has a slender body but petite build and uses her slime suit to make her chest seem far larger than it is. As a member of the Shadow Garden, she uses a dark colored slime bodysuit with a distinctive pattern adorned on the chest with a mix of colors, gold, and sapphire. There is a gold decoration on the arms and shoulders, as well as purple sapphire accessories on the arms, shoulders, and stomachs. He uses a long purplish colored scarf with gold accessories and purple sapphire at the edges. And sometimes, she wears a mask to cover his original identity. Epsilon was a prideful girl having been born into a noble family. Following her exile, she lost all care and only desires revenge against the people she once trusted. That all changed when she met Cid Kagenō who gave her new purpose in life and she fell in love with him soon after. It's shown she at least retain some of her pride, if anything to prove her worth to Cid Kagenou. This pride also made her very conscious about her body, feeling insecure about her slender figure that it would be hard to seduce her master. Hence, that's why Epsilon uses her slime bodysuit every year to slowly increase her chest and eventually she develops a large fake chest as she manipulates it in longer periods of time than any other member in Shadow Garden to make her seem busty in hopes of winning the Shadow's affection, and also she is terrified of the possibility that someone may discover that her chest size is a ruse. If anyone have found out about her secret body figures is a fake, Epsilon would release a killing intent which is so intense that it would make Alexia, Rose, and Nelson shudder in fear, even got eviscerated in retribution like Venom. Epsilon has shown to have a tremendous hostile, spiteful and aggressive side when someone hurts her, and mainly when they try to or damage her fake chest, due to her obsession with keeping up appearances. As she dueled with the church's enforcer, Venom, Epsilon prioritized most of her, ensuring that the secret of her stuffing her chest was not exposed. Similarly, during the battle against Mordred, she began to lose her composure a bit when the Knight of the Rounds gave him a shallow cut across her face. Whenever Epsilon starts praising her master. As Cid puts it, she's the kind of person that exaggerates as Whenever Cid compliments her, she can become unbearable to even comrade him in Shadow Garden. Epsilon still has pride that she still retained from her heritage despite no longer being part of it, but she respects the order of command and the people that outclass her. Despite coming off as snobbish and rude to most of Shadow Garden and in general, everyone not her master, Epsilon is wise & caring for her comrades and truly believes in her organization's cause.

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