Eric Husbando

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Zero Escape
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Danganronpa Fan
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Eric is a Decision Game player in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. Eric, along with Sean, Mira, and Delta, is a member of Team Q in the Decision Game. He works as a clerk at an ice cream shop in Nebraska. He is truly passionate when it comes to ice cream. He is Mira's boyfriend, and after the events of the game, her husband. He is initially unaware that she is a serial killer, something he discovers during the Decision Game. Eric has gray eyes and shaggy brown hair covering most of his ears, except for the lobes. His bangs go down to his rectangular eyebrows. He has a sharp, larger-than-average nose. Eric doesn't care much about fashion and is not materialistic, so he wears simple and basic clothing with no accessories. He wears a slate gray dress shirt with brown corduroy collar and cuffs and a breast pocket on the left side. The dress shirt has indigo buttons. His pants are formal wear and are the same shade of brown as his shirt's accents. He also wears black-and-brown shoes. He has a black bracelet on his left wrist like the other participants Eric comes off as mostly bumbling, incompetent, pitiful and hapless, especially when Sean's intelligence exceeds his own, much to his own frustration and embarrassment. He doesn't seem to have much self-confidence or high self-esteem, saying he is "just a lowly ice cream shop employee". Mira mentions that when she first saw Eric, "With one glance, I could tell he was useless. No talent, no worth, nothing." However, she noted that there was "something different" about Eric compared to other men but couldn't quite put her finger on it. He is often seen with a wide smile plastered on his face. Smiling, regardless of the situation, was a trait that his mother told him would bring happiness to himself and others. It eventually became a habit of his own, functioning as a "mask" to cover up his abusive and traumatic childhood, as well as for many dismal situations throughout his life.

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