Eriri Spencer Sawamura

Eriri Spencer Sawamura
Original Name
Romaji Name
Sawamura Supensā Eriri
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 20th
158.00 cm
Blood Type
79.90 cm
56.00 cm
86.00 cm
Popularity # 566
Like # 591
Trash # 462

Eriri Spencer Sawamura is Tomoya's childhood friend. She is a student of class 2G art club. She wears two hats as a student and a doujinshi artist. Eriri is one of the most beautiful girls to attend to Toyogasaki High School. Her family is very affluent. Her father is an English diplomat and she lives in a mansion. She is the secret illustrator for a famous doujinshi circle called ''Egoistic Lily'' under the alias Eri Kashiwagi when she participates in doujin activities. She was greatly influenced by her fujoshi mother and otaku father. She was the illustrator for Blessing Software. Eriri is a beautiful, petite girl with long, straight blonde hair, which is usually tied up into twin-tails, laced with two blue ribbons. Her eyes are light blue and she has very pale skin, which is probably inherited from her father. In the anime when there is a close up shot of her face, a small fang connected to her lip can be seen. She has small breasts, Utaha Kasumigaoka sometimes teases Eriri about it. Her face features and build resembles Sayuri Sawamura (Eriri's mother) heavily. She is usually depicted in her school uniform or casual clothes. At home, she wears glasses and a green tracksuit. Eriri is a model and sophisticated young lady at school. Because of her manners, she is respected and idolized by other students at the school. When nobody is around, she reverts into a hardcore otaku just like Tomoya Aki. However, almost none of them know about her otaku side. She is famous for being classy and independent, but she really is emotional and ferocious, as described by Tomoya. She is very hardworking as her occupation as an artist and with the support from Tomoya. She is very determined at times. When Akane Kosaka insulted her drawing skills and said that they were mediocre, Eriri was very offended and drove herself to produce more art to prove Akane wrong, subsequently pulling herself out of her art slump. Eriri also has a tsundere-like personality and gets embarrassed and blushes very easily. She attempts to hide her feelings for Tomoya although they are very obvious. When Utaha Kasumigaoka pointed this out, she became embarrassed and rebutted immediately. She seems angry and annoyed every time they have conversations in the circle, especially with Tomoya. She hits him with her twin tails whenever he says something that made her embarrassed or when Utaha getting near to him. However, on the inside, she is very kind and generous despite her klutziness.

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