Erone Husbando

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Erone is the personification of the Gevurah Sephirot and currently under the protection of Emi's father Nord Justina. He is 'the essence of judgment and limitation, and corresponds to awe and the element of fire. He is associated with the color red. Erone came to Japan together with the demon Farfarello in order to search for the Demon King and convince him to return to Ente Isla and continue his conquest. After the man himself rejected Farfarello's request, Emi, Suzuno and Sariel arrived on the scene. The hero attacked Farfalerro, threatening him to return to Ente Isla. In responce the demon commanded Erone to attack. He beat Suzuno easily and overwhelmed Emi, until Alas Ramus sensed the boy's presence and returned to Emi's body. Caught off guard by the girl's presence Iron kept some distance from them and got hit by Sariel's Evil Eye of the Fallen. He was forced to retreat with Farfarello, who promised to return again. Erone appeared again before Maou when the Demon king was attending a MgRonalds Barista lecture. He interrogated Maou about his goals in Japan, and seemed interested in Maou's new life. Later, Erone took Chiho to Farfarello for questioning about Maou's plans, he was most of the time listening. Commenting only once in a while when Maou came to convince Farfarello to return to the Demon World with Erone and for the Demon's to retreat from the Eastern Continent.

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