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New Yokozaki City, Japan
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October 15th 2045
149.00 cm
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Es, whose name is an abbreviation of Embryo Storage, also known by her extended student name Es Mitsurugi, is the main heroine of XBlaze – Code: Embryo. She appears in BlazBlue: Centralfiction as a playable DLC character. Es is physically a young short teenage girl. She has long, braided blond hair, with an antenna, that is tied at the end by a navy blue hair ribbon, and large amber eyes. She wears a long, elegant dark blue dress with a white collar and short red tie. On top of her dress, she wears a baby blue gown that extends down her lower back and arms; frills encompass her entire outfit, emanating from the bottom of her dress, and the cuffs of her gown. She wears metal high heel shoes over her dark blue tights. When she transferred to Hakuō North Academy, she began to wear the female school uniform. At the pool, Es wore a simple white school swimming one-piece. On the chest of the piece, her name was written in plain block capitals on a large name tag. When Hinata transferred the Embryo to her, Es’ hair turned lighter blond, and her eyes were bright blue. In Lost: Memories, Es wears a white elegant blouse, a black overall skirt with modified navy ribbon, black tights, and black mary jane shoes with navy ribbons. The only article of clothing she retains upon her rebirth is her navy blue hair ribbon, in which she now wears in a side braid. She was also shown wearing a white eyepatch on her left eye. Without her eyepatch, her left eye was bright blue due to the Phantom Grymoire, but it turned back to its natural color after defeating Freaks. In BlazBlue: Centralfiction, she is wearing a modified version of her outfit from Code: Embryo, with it having a dark blue color scheme, blue diamond shaped accessories with key hole markings on the arm portions and back of her dress, an open small backless portion similar to Noel Vermillion’s outfit, black tights, blue heels and a new silver hair ornament on the tip of her braid. She has returned to wearing her braid in the back again, while for mysterious reasons, her eyes are blue again. She also has a mark on her body like Ragna, Noel, and Naoto, but with her mark being on her lower body, unlike the other three who have their marks on their chest. Emotionless, steady, and objective focused. Es is the perfect soldier, her mission always comes first. When she first met Tōya Kagari, she did not care for him or any other person, being willing to hurt and even kill others that she was “friends” with just so she could complete a mission. If Es did not understand a term, mainly because of the informality or colloquial speech, then she would forwardly ask what said term means, leading to unique, and awkward situations. For a time, she possessed no opinions due to her little interaction with people outside of the Agency, as well as this, Es possessed a habit of taking things too literally, annoying Tōya as he put up with her awkward social tendencies. Possibly because of her initial lack of understanding towards humans, Es was prone to revealing information to others unnecessarily, and would often act in a robotic manner towards anyone conversing with her. She would also ignore the orders of anyone who was not her superior or essential to her mission objectives, leading to humorous circumstances; it was because of this tendency that she was seen as unerringly stubborn. Her time with Tōya softened her, and she was able to feel more emotions as time progressed. When she failed to protect him from being knocked out by Kazuto Kotetsu, she gave him a heartfelt apology; even when Akira Kamewari went missing, Es became a sort of emotional crutch for Tōya to lean on. When she fell out with Tōya, she became visibly upset, signaling another emotional growth for her, albeit’s discovery being bittersweet. Furthermore, she began to disobey direct orders from her ward, even beginning to emit emotion into her speech; the most notable example being when she outright denied detaining Tōya, instead opting to protect him from the Agency unit sent to retrieve him. When she inherited the Embryo, Es expressed a profound sadness at making Tōya bare the same burden as her since she felt herself as irredeemable after having taken so many lives. She has also learned the true meaning of being family thanks to her interactions with Hinata and Yuki, which allowed her true self, a kind and noble girl, to emerge. She even begins to care about her new friends, showing great care and concern for them. She also began to fall in love with Tōya, who she labels as her dearest one and the most important person in her life. However, due to seeing her true love and her friends being killed by Freaks sent her into despair at being unable to save them and scattered her memories to escape from her heartbreak, showing how much they mean to her. However, upon her rebirth in Lost: Memories, when she lost her memories, she became notably more cheerful and smiled more often, but still retains her curious outlook on life. Upon recovering her memories, she regained her proper and formal tone of speaking, along with retaining her new-found cheerfulness. After saving Tōya and the others, as well as recalling her (“Nobody’s”) friend “Me”, she has vowed to keep moving forward, no longer chained by her lonely past with new-found faith in herself, her friends, and the boy she loves, finally obtaining happiness in her life and no longer giving into despair. In BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Es appears to have regressed to how she was in Code: Embryo, appearing emotionless and doing whatever it takes to complete her mission given by the Blue. Despite this, she does recall liking pudding according to her memories and has nostalgic memories about the people precious and dear to her, hinting that her emotions and true self might be restrained.

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