Esil Radiru

Esil Radiru
Original Name
에실 라디루
Romaji Name
Esil Radiru
Place of Origin
Demon Castle
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 3171
Like # 2894
Trash # 5862

Esil Radiru is a demon noble and a princess of the Radiru clan. Esil is a young demon girl with long purple hair, large red eyes, sharp red eye markings, pronounced canines, and a slender build. In her first appearance, she wore a short red cape and white armor decorated with red paint. During her time climbing the Demon Castle's upper floors, she wore gray armor decorated with blue paint and black plates of armor over her chest, shoulders, and upper arms. As also noted by Jinwoo, she has a very human-like appearance. Despite being a demon, Esil has an open, honest, and affable personality. She is also somewhat selfish and shameless, as displayed when she had no problem begging for her life after all of her knights had been mercilessly killed by Jinwoo and claimed that her knights would have happy to sacrifice themselves as long as she survived. At the same time, however, she can be sneaky and deceptive, as she attempted to stab Jinwoo in the back when he lowered his guard against her.

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