Espio the Chameleon Husbando

Espio the Chameleon
Original Name
Romaji Name
Esupio za Kamereon
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Date of Birth
110.00 cm
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Espio the Chameleon is an anthropomorphic chameleon,who mainly serves as an intelligent ninja warrior and a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency alongside Vector the Crocodile and Charmy Bee. Espio is a purple anthropomorphic chameleon with a yellow horn between his gold eyes. His muzzle and the heart-shaped pattern on his torso are peach in color. He has a ridge of three black spikes going down his spine and a coiled tail. For attire, he wears dark purple shoes with black accents, metal-reinforced arm bracers, and white gloves with dark purple pads on the backs. Around his wrists and ankles are bandage-wrapped cuffs with gold studs on the lower bands. Espio is single-minded, straight-laced detective committed to his job. He is serious, practical, intelligent and wise. He has a militaristic discipline despite being quiet, calm, and laid-back.Among his colleagues, Espio's opinionated attitude serves a key role in Team Chaotix, allowing him to reign in and balance out the more optimistic and zany behaviors exhibited by Vector and Charmy.Espio has a soulful side to himself, He is a lover of traditional ways and can play the shamisen. His favorite food is Dango (sweet dumplings)

horn yellow eyes
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