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Eta (Ήτα) is the seventh member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original "Seven Shadows", as well as the head of the organization's research division. Her public identity is Eta Lloyd Wright, a genius architect whose work won the Architecture of the Year award by having implemented the architectural knowledge through scientific and mathematical principles taught to her by Shadow. Eta is a female elf with long brown hair with bangs and purple eyes under a continuously sleepy gaze. In her civilian attire, she dresses as a scientist as she is in her lab most of the day, reverse engineering and adapting the innovations of Shadow's Wisdom. In her room, Eta is a lazy dresser and often times just wears the clothes she went to sleep with. For Shadow Garden, she is adorned in the customary Slime Bodysuit with a stylized cloak and scarf, having frills and minor decorations along the cloak of her bodysuit. On the back of her bodysuit, the belt extends and almost appears as a tail. Her coat has large sleeves but drapes over her shoulders, the back of which has a tattered look at the base to appear as though it were torn, while her scarf is cartoonishly large. In terms of her attire at the torso, the light novel has it appear similar to a professional dress which ends at the hipline, while the anime has it appear like a unitard similar to Beta. Her belt hangs low along her hips in the light novel, while the belt meets her waistline in the anime with two coupled belt circumventing around and behind her hips. Eta has two decorative smaller belts around her femur-- her left leg in the light novel, and her right leg in the anime. Eta has simplified ink gray/black trousers in the anime, while they are cuffed pants curing up and outward in the light novel, while having riveted fins along the back; from the kneecap, down the achilles, ending at the ankle. Eta's footwear in the light novel seems akin to professional businesswoman heels like Gamma's, while the anime has her wearing high heeled platformed shoes with a single gold trim at the metatarsal joints of the shoes. Eta is slow-paced, shown by how when she falls asleep that she is not easily woken. This is attributed to a circadian rhythm disorder affecting her body's clock. But despite her fatigue, Eta is expeditious in her research, as within a few years after the rescue of Claire Kagenō, Eta took "Shadow's Wisdom" and developed technologies based on his past life to be used in their world, such as the instant camera and the automobile, which she applied the technologies to Mitsugoshi publicly, while equipping Shadow Garden secretly. According to Alpha, Eta appears to be somewhat of a mad scientist, as she has a motto which states "development always comes with sacrifices" and prepares for a drugs and experiments among her friends, even fearing what she would do to their newly-captured Earthling if she got her hands on her. Eta loves doing the "V" peace sign, as it stands for “Victory”. Eta is interested in the "science" when she heard from "Shadow's Wisdom" and conducting various research and development based on said wisdom. When it comes to things that interest Eta, such as architecture and research, she immerses herself in them without even having time to sleep.

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