Eugeo Husbando

Place of Origin
Rulid Village, Norlangarth Empire
Date of Birth
April 10th 361
Blood Type
Popularity # 1423
Like # 1911
Trash # 479

Eugeo was the deuteragonist of the first half of the Alicization Arc. Eugeo was a child born in a remote village in the Human Empire of Underworld, where he was assigned the Sacred Task of felling a giant tree with his childhood friend Kirito. After a mishap during an adventure to the mountains resulted in his other childhood friend Alice Zuberg being apprehended by an Integrity Knight for breaking the Taboo Index, while his memories of Kirito were sealed by the administrators of the world, Eugeo spent the following six years focusing on his work to avoid thinking about his lost friend, until Kirito's return to Underworld led to Eugeo building the resolve to embark on a journey to become an Integrity Knight himself to rescue Alice, as well as acquiring the skills to wield the Blue Rose Sword he had retrieved from the mountains where Alice had broken the Taboo Index. Eugeo was described as a slender-looking boy with soft-looking flax-brown, slightly wavy hair, green eyes and a cream color skin. Before getting accepted into the Sword Mastery Academy, he wore the same unbleached, rough cotton or flax, short-sleeved, light blue[citation needed] tunic with irregular texture[citation needed], hand-sewn threads on the cuffs and a V-shape cut on the chest, tied with a light brown cord, and trousers as Kirito. When Eugeo joined the Academy, he wore a standard grey uniform. After becoming an Elite Swordsman-in-Training and being given the privilege to customize the color of his uniform, Eugeo chose to wear a blue and gray uniform. Upon escaping from the prison in the cathedral, Eugeo, along with Kirito, stumbled upon a room filled with weapons and armor, along with a set of clean clothing. Using the opportunity, Eugeo changed his torn and damaged Academy uniform into a blue outfit made from the highest quality materials. After Eugeo was converted into an Integrity Knight, he temporarily wore an elegant bluish and silvery white armor with a cape. Eugeo was a kindhearted and considerate person who thought about the needs of others as well as his own. For example, when he first met Kirito during the latter's second dive, Eugeo noticed that Kirito was hungry, and thus shared his food with him. Furthermore, Eugeo always offered to help his valet with her duties and attempted to minimise her workload. He also tried his best to maintain a good relationship with his valet by participating in bonding sessions with her and even scolded Kirito for trying to avoid the sessions. Eugeo was initially a very compliant person who could not even think of breaking the rules and laws. However, this changed after he witnessed how Raios and Humbert abused their authority as nobles to deceive and abuse his and Kirito's valets to get to him. During this incident, Eugeo managed to break his Seal of the Right Eye, a feat that no Artificial Fluctlight had accomplished before. Eugeo then understood that the law had to be disregarded at times. Eugeo initially also lacked resolve. Although his childhood friend was apprehended and taken to the Central Cathedral, he did not have the resolution to follow and save her. Instead, he used his Sacred Task as an excuse to avoid contemplating about leaving the village, and thus he spent the following six years trying to fell the Gigas Cedar. Only after meeting Kirito did Eugeo start taking action. At first, Eugeo greatly relied on his friend to guide him. His resolution was, however, strengthened when he overcame his Seal of the Right Eye and encountered Alice as an Integrity Knight, as he was resolved to even oppose the Axiom Church to save Alice after the incident.

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