Euphyllia Magenta

Euphyllia Magenta
Original Name
Romaji Name
Yufiria Mazenta
Place of Origin
Kingdom of of Palletia
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Euphyllia Magenta, nicknamed Euphie, is the deuteragonist of the light novel series The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady. She is Algard's ex-fiancée who got taken in by Anisphia after her engagement got canceled. She later gets adopted into the royal family, taking the name Euphyllia Fez Palettia. Euphyllia is a beautiful young lady with silverly-blue hair and purple eyes. She possesses a lean figure and her height is slightly above-average. In terms of attire, she wears a blue, knee-length skirt with a white shirt and a similarly white jacket that extends to her knees. Over her jacket, she wears a small cloak held there by a blue ribbon that reaches to her bustline on the front and extends to her waist on her back. She covers her legs with black knee socks and wears black heels. She also ties her hair with a yellow ribbon. Euphyllia ceased aging after completing her spirit covenant, with several characters noting that has not changed at all since she was 15. Having been educated to be the next queen from an early age, Euphyllia is a highly rational person who takes her duties as a noble very seriously. She keeps her emotions in check and always tries to make fair and sensible decisions, immediately forgiving Lainie for her part in her engagement getting canceled after learning of her condition. Overall, Euphyllia is a perfectionist fully devoted to her role and expects the same from others. On the other hand, this dedication and seeming lack of emotions also caused her to come over as "mechanical" to her peers, resulting in her being shunned. In truth, Euphyllia is completely out of touch with her own emotions, not realizing that what she felt every time she saw Anisphia getting along with another girl was jealousy until Tilty confronted her about it. At the same time, due to having always been told what to do, she is bad at thinking for herself, to the point of begging Anisphia to give her a purpose after her engagement was canceled, causing the princess to describe her as "clumsy as a human being."

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