Eve Wakamiya

Eve Wakamiya
Original Name
若宮 イヴ
Romaji Name
Wakamiya Eve
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 27th
163.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4241
Like # 4040
Trash # 5360

Wakamiya Eve is a third-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School, the current club president for all of her clubs, and the keytarist for Pastel*Palettes. Before joining Pastel*Palettes, she was a model at the same agency, and had some skill in playing the piano. Eve is half-Japanese and half-Finnish, with her father being Japanese, and her mother Finnish. She comes from Finland and finds Japanese culture exciting, often citing bushido, the code of Japanese warriors. Outside of the band, she is friends with Tsugumi and also works part-time at her family's cafe as a waitress. She is also classmates with Tae and Rimi. Eve has fair skin and big, feminine turquoise eyes. Her medium length silver hair is worn in thick braided pigtails normally adorned with ribbons, a headband, or a hat. Her bangs are split off-center with a loose, pointed strand layered over them on either side of the head. Eve's casual attire is mature and gender-ambiguous; in her initial wear, she wears a turquoise patterned turtleneck on top of a white long-sleeved blouse. Eve also wears white jeans held by a black belt. During winter, Eve wears a white-violet sweater, a brown and white puff ball scarf, a knee-length denim skirt with a white belt around it and black tights. During summer, she wears a sleeveless baby blue turtleneck and high-waisted white loose pants. A bright and earnest girl who tackles everything standing in her path full throttle. She is enthusiastic and chipper, eager to learn all that she can about Japan. At times her thought process can be strange, and when going on about bushido and other samurai-related things, which she takes quite seriously, she comes off as humorous. Her actions also tend to confuse Aya and the people around her. As the youngest member of Pastel*Palettes, Eve is easygoing, polite, loves hugging people, and treasures all of her friends dearly. Though she has some misconceptions about Japan and sometimes misunderstands what other people say, or mispronounces certain words and uses idioms wrong, Eve always tries her best to learn. She has a strong sense of righteousness and integrity, and always strives to do the right thing. According to her best friend Hanne, not only does Eve dislike lying (and feels bad if she does so), but she is also very bad at it due to how her voice cracks whenever she feels guilty or she's trying to hide something. Despite this, she sometimes has a tendency to hide her struggles and worries to not concern the people around her.

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