Keno Fasris Invern

Keno Fasris Invern
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Keno Fasris Invern, formerly known as the legendary Vampire Lord, Landfall, and currently known as Evileye, is an adamantite ranked adventurer and magic caster of Blue Roses as well as a former companion of the Thirteen Heroes. Evileye has the figure of a twelve-year-old girl. She covers herself with a reddish robe and an uncanny mask which hides her face. Because of this, she is considered an enigmatic woman by others. Due to her short stature, she is called "Shorty" by Gagaran. Evileye's young appearance is presumably due to being an immortal vampire, which caused her body to stop developing at the age of twelve. Evileye wears her cloak and mask due to her vampiric nature; to keep herself safe from sunlight and to keep herself from being ostracized for it. Evileye is considered to be a sharp-tongued person by her teammates. However, her sharp attitude would instantly change whenever someone brought up the subject regarding Momon. Nonetheless, she trusts her allies highly and cares a lot for them. She has a soft spot for Momon, viewing him as a special individual who she is willing to offer praise for lovingly. Evileye can also be quite an emotional person on the inside, something that she tries to hide from her comrades. Due to her own arrogance, she normally tends to be ignorant of information in her surroundings. The subject of girls talk like love tips that Evileye didn't consider important made her regretful about it upon becoming infatuated with Momon afterward. Evileye once looked down upon human females who are in search of a strong partner to protect them and their children. She had always considered such trivial thought to be foolish, believing all you need is to become powerful enough in your own right without needing somebody to protect you. However, Evileye's way of thinking seems to have changed after falling in love with Momon and knowing what it was like to be protected by someone stronger than her.

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