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Falco Grice
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Marley , Liberio
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February 10th
140.00 cm
34.00 kg
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Falco Grice is an Eldian Warrior candidate working for the Marley government and the younger brother of Colt Grice. Originally one of the main candidates to inherit the Armored Titan power, Falco possessed the Jaw Titan, having inadvertently inherited it from Porco Galliard after being turned into a Pure Titan by Zeke Yeager. Falco is a short boy with a small build and little in the way of physical strength. He has short, shaggy light brown hair and large downward-sloped light hazel eyes with rather long eyelashes. Like his fellow Warrior candidates, he wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform consisting of a light jacket and pants, supply packs on the waist, suspender straps, a hard hat with a stripe around it, and tall combat boots. As an Eldian, his uniform is different from the Marleyans, as his shirt collar has a small badge with the Eldian star instead of a small clip and his hat has a white stripe with the Eldian star on it instead of a pure black stripe. As is law in Marley, Falco also wears the Eldian armband as all his family and ancestors residing there do so as well. Falco's Pure Titan form was rather tall and lanky, having a long neck and no distinguishable lower jaw. Its mouth was very rounded, with its upper jaw connecting with the base of its nose and sharp teeth running along the bottom almost as if it was on a hinge. His Titan form was also seen with a prominent angry scowl. As the Jaw Titan, Falco's Titan form shrinks to 5m tall and is much more proportionate and muscular, like some of the previous inheritors of the Jaw Titan. His Titan now has two sets of jaws, with the outer one being the hardened jaw similar to the previous Jaw Titans', and the inner one having a human-like mouth and teeth. The outer jaw can bite through harder objects, including hardened Titan skin. One interesting observation is that Falco's Jaw Titan has taken on many avian characteristics, with his outer jaw forming a crude beak and his hardened arms and legs resembling talons found in birds of prey, whilst also being mostly covered in fur. These traits appear to be a byproduct of Zeke Yeager's spinal fluid which transformed Falco, passing on some of the Beast Titan's animal characteristics; this is proven further when Falco's Titan form eventually managed to sport wings, a tail and a fully feathered body. Falco is physically not made to be a man of war and does not excel in the battlefield or at asserting himself. He finds himself wounded and delirious under enemy fire, only to be saved by his brother, and struggles to voice his concerns for his friend Gabi Braun when she proposes a solo attack plan against the armored train. However, Falco is by no means a coward. When Gabi is under fire, he leaps from their hiding place to rush to her aid and protect her. While he is not an excelling soldier, he possesses some margin of skill to have survived for 4 years in the Marley Mid-East War. Falco has proven to be a very merciful and compassionate person, risking his life to save Gabi from incoming fire, bringing in an injured enemy soldier in order to cure him in the trench, and taking care of a war veteran in the homeland. He is also very polite and respectful towards his seniors, referring to them by their title instead of their names; for instance, he addresses Reiner as either Mr. Braun or Deputy Chief Braun. He also does not appear to be a vengeful person, as despite Connie abusing his trust to try and feed him to his mother and holding a blade to his neck, Falco never seems to hold a grudge against him for this and works alongside him. After conversing with both Reiner and Eren Yeager, he gains a greater degree of confidence; this allows him to assert himself better and speak his mind, even to someone as forceful as Gabi, whom he also has a crush on. Furthermore, his boosted self-esteem helps him perform better in training. Despite this, Falco remains relatively calm and humble in the face of praise, deeming the extolment heaped upon him by his fellow Warrior candidates as embarrassing and "not a big deal", as well as attributing his success to Eren motivating him. He is a very empathetic individual. While upset due to Eren revealing himself as an enemy after manipulating him, Falco understood that he and the Survey Corps attacked Liberio because Marley invaded Paradis Island first, and remembered his words of how the people inside and beyond the Walls are the same. Furthermore, despite his youth and kind disposition, he is able to distance himself emotionally in a situation and properly prioritize. Almost immediately after finding out that "Kruger" was actually Eren, the current holder of the Founding Titan, and had been tricked by him, he realized the opportunity it presented for Marley and began planning on how to capture him. Falco is seen to be a quick thinker and good at improvisation. For instance, after encountering the family of Sasha Blouse, and he rapidly created a convincing alibi for both himself and Gabi explaining why they were supposedly in woods by themselves. Later, when he and Gabi were trying to contact Niccolo in private, he also made a convincing excuse for him and Gabi to leave the Blouse family.

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