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Fanatio (ファナティオ, Fanatio), also known as Fanatio Synthesis Two (ファナティオ・シンセシス・ツー, Fanatio Shinseshisu Tsū?), is the Deputy Knight Leader of the Integrity Knights. Fanatio's weapon of choice is the Heaven Piercing Sword. Fanatio wears a set of full body, purple light armour completely tinged with a refined orchid radiance that is noticeably more sophisticated than that of the regular Integrity Knights, with a helmet modeled after the wings of birds of prey. Fanatio herself has flowing, silky, wavy, long deep black hair - with the colour being much like Kirito's - groomed with tender care. Her voice is high pitched and is both refined and supple, and her stature is the same as Kirito's or taller, though the line tracing from her back to her waist is more slender. She has a pure, beautiful face which resembles that of a holy woman and also has a silky skin with the shade of black tea with plenty of milk added in. Her arc-shape eyebrows and long eye lashes are black, while her eyes are dark reddish-brown, close to gold. The tinge of roundness of her jawline bring forth a remarkably gentle elegance which is matched by her very mildly red petite lips. Her appearance suggests that she was born in the east region.

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