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Femiruna is the Leo Star Maiden in Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!!. As the only daughter of a certain millionaire, she has a large number of servants at her beck and call. She is the rich-girl stereotype, being born with pride making her selfish, self-confident, and a bit of a tsundere. She can be bossy to her servants and has a tendency to fire them over minute errors, but thanks to Itsuki, she manages to treat them with more respect. She is usually nice to the other students, especially the ones who she feels have a good fashion sense. Most of the other students have trouble talking to Femiruna due to her social standing. She doesn't like this kind of treatment and wants people to treat her like a normal person. Because of her reliance on her servants, Femiruna doesn't know how to do much on her own. She eventually does learn to at least cook for herself with the help of some of the other Star Maidens. If Femiruna likes you, she will go out of her way to repay you by any means she feels like.

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