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Fengxian is a minor character in The Apothecary Diaries. She was a high-ranking courtesan at Verdigris House, a senior sister of the Three Princesses, and the biological mother of Maomao. Once a high-ranking courtesan of Verdigris House, Fengxian was very beautiful in her prime. Unlike other courtesans, she had an arrogant disposition, and wore a cold expression on her face. In her later years, she became much thinner with her skin covered with rashes and gummas as a result of syphilis. One of her hand is bandaged since she cut off her ring finger. Fengxian was described as a stoic and rather emotionless woman. The only time she showed any type of emotions was during strategy-based board games, especially when played with Lakan who was also a great player. This changed completely after she got pregnant with Maomao. Losing her title of high-ranking courtesan and being forced to become a streetwalker, she became unstable and eventually contracted syphilis. Once Maomao was born, she was heavily abusive towards her own daughter. She also never acknowledged her, chasing her off from her annex back when she used to have enough energy and mental awareness. Her strained relationship with Maomao aside from being the reminder of her tragic fate, was most likely a result of also not having a mother; while Madam is confirmed to be her biological mother, Fengxian herself recognized that she only had a woman who gave birth to her, but not an actual maternal figure; that's because courtesans don't have time and place to be mothers.

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